Thursday, April 9, 2009

hair today, gone tomorrow

The week after treatment ended up being a bit of a rollercoaster, but I turned the corner on the weekend and felt pretty good this week. I’ve learned it is easy to overdo it though, so I have to pace myself. The big thing for this week is that my hair has started to fall out so last night I went for the big buzz. I could have waited a few more days, but Tammy, the lady who did the deed, is away next week and it would be too late by the time she got back. I am working hard on gaining perspective as it is just hair right? Yeah, it’s just hair! Believe me? Ok, I am still working on it. To help me get in the right frame of mind before I went last night I started writing down all the good things I could think of about not having hair. I took it with me and Suzanne, Tammy and I had some laughs (mostly Suzanne and I as I am convinced Tammy thinks we are crazy) while she buzzed. We also took pictures (this is when Tammy said that we “aren’t her typical customers”) as the cape was just too magnificent not to capture...the 80's are definately back. For the record, the smile is the best fake one I could muster. Pretty impressive I think. Anyway, the list turned out to be therapeutic and when I shared it with Sue Bulmer last night, she and her girls really got into it so I thought I would share.

Top 10 fabulous things about not having hair. #2 is all Tessa!

10. I can be showered, dressed and ready to go in 15 minutes.
9. Wind and rain won’t make me flat or frizzy.
8. I will save a ton of $$ at the hairdresser.
7. I can spend newly saved $$ on cool earrings and funky hats.
6. No more “bed head” from that stolen afternoon nap.
5. If there is a GI Jane sequel, I can stand in for Demi Moore.
4. My new hair can travel in a plastic bag – very convenient.
3. My hair won’t get wind blown when riding in a convertible (here I come Louis)
2. No hair getting stuck in my lip gloss.
1. If I find hair in my food I know for sure that it isn’t mine.


  1. That is a great list. I had fun shopping for earrings!!! Like I said, this is another step that is getting you closer to the end of treatment. Hopefully your new hair will not resemble Carrot Top's when it starts growing back, since Tammy did say it could come in completely different. Just sayin.

  2. Carrot Top!! I am just praying it doesn't come back in all gray. That would suck.

  3. Kathleen you are an amazing inspiration to us all. You make me laugh. I think you look pretty hot with the short do! With or without hair you are always beautiful.

    Take care.

  4. You are amazing and I'm not shitting you when I say you look awesome with this buzz! Look at that gorgeous face. BTW, I've seen a fake smile on you (a few times), this doesn't look like the one I remember. Miss you and your sense of humour!
    xoxoxox Cheryl

  5. LOL! Yes Cheryl, you have seen the fake smile a few times :-) I dug deep for this one...we definately kept it light though and had some laughs. Miss you lots!