Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one down...

I had my first round of chemo yesterday and I think overall it went pretty good. I was surprised by the quantity of drugs they put in me, just seemed like a lot. Anyway, I was feeling pretty good when I got home and had a bite of supper then things went downhill a bit. I was light headed and then the waves of nausea came and came and came. It was a rough night, but by this morning it had mostly passed and I've spent the day just chilling and being looked after by Dave. I think without him here keeping the drinks and crackers going I would be in worse shape.


  1. Kat

    Your strength and ability to pass this info on to others who maybe following this blog now, or in the future, and whom you will surely help by doing so, is a testament to your amazing nature. Love you so much,


  2. Janice is so right, Kathleen!! It's absolutely incredible that you are sharing your journey like this. You are an amazing person. We are all cheering you on!!