Thursday, July 30, 2009


I was standing on the corner of Spring Garden and Dresden Row waiting for the light to change and was feeling a little awkward because I had just caught the lady standing next to me staring (I still forget that apparently I am something to gawk and think people are just being friendly until they look away embarrassed) when I hear a voice from my left saying "I bet under that hat our heads look the same". There was Neville, local florist and fellow chrome dome. I laughed and told him he was right but he says at least mine will grow back. So true. It actually has started to grow back in already!! Just a little bit of stubble, but a positive sign. Dr. Rayson says I will have a hair style for Christmas.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

done and done

I had my last round of chemo on Tuesday and am so thrilled that phase of treatment is OVER!!! High five!! I will be back on my feet in another week or so then am looking forward to a nice break before radiation starts at the end of August.