Thursday, July 16, 2009

done and done

I had my last round of chemo on Tuesday and am so thrilled that phase of treatment is OVER!!! High five!! I will be back on my feet in another week or so then am looking forward to a nice break before radiation starts at the end of August.


  1. Does this mean we can have a mimosa on Aug 8? Congrats for making it through with a smile on your face! xo

  2. You did it girl! Check this one off the list!

  3. Yes Cheryl we are definately having a mimosa! Can't wait to see you. xo

  4. Hey There

    Congrats on the finishing.
    Radiation is easy compared tp chemo:)
    Just celebrated 5 yrs free so when your at 5 and I am at 10 we will do something death defying (sky dive):)


  5. Steve...I love it but we've so done death defying. We'll come up with something!!