Monday, March 9, 2009

aren't tests fun

I have been having some tests before meeting with Dr. Rayson (chemo man) tomorrow and in the process am learning so much. Like when going for a CT Scan you are left to sit in a waiting room (which isn't a room at all but a set of chairs in the high traffic hallway outside the scan rooms) in your johnny shirt, so high heel boots and knee highs are not the best fashion choice. So today I went for a bone scan where they inject you with radiation then a few hours later strap you down to a table while a camera moves slowly over you, for 22 minutes to be exact. Building on my learning from the CT Scan, I went in flats and lovely socks but of course for this one I got to keep my clothes on. I asked them if there were sure as I came prepared, but no, just the watch and belt had to go. Really that was cool because their "waiting room" was very similar to the CT one. But I did learn something new for today as luckily I saw a little posting in the waiting area indicating travel may be an issue after testing and to ask. Turns out the stuff they injected me with can be picked up by bomb detectors at the US border and coincidentally I am crossing into Maine on Friday to go on a ski trip with Dave and the kids and friends for a last bit of family fun before treatment begins. Good thing I asked as I now have an official letter stating why I met set off the bells. Won't that be fun!!


  1. Hey Kathleen,

    Hope you and the family have a wonderful skiing trip! Is there plenty of snow around?

  2. Hi Martin,

    Thank you! So far it looks like great conditions this year. We usually go to Sugarloaf, but this year we are going one range over to Saddleback. Should be fun.