Thursday, February 26, 2009

something to look forward to...

Ok, so I am being sarcastic. We met with the Radiation Oncologist today which seemed weird because I don't get radiation treatment until after chemotherapy and haven't met with the Medical Oncologist yet. Basically her wait times are less so I got an appointment. It was good though because she and the chemo doctor are working as a team and she is arranging for a CT and Bone Scan before I see him on March 10th. The Radiation Oncologist seems very nice and was my friend Paula's favourite doctor when she went through treatment so don't take this the wrong way, but from here on out she is going to be RN - Radiation Nazi. The RN is planning to give me the most aggressive treatment. Most people get between 16-20 blasts but in my case "30 for you". Between rare cancer, young age, the close proximity of the cancer to the chest wall and big boobs, I get the full meal deal. I am not going to get fussed about it though because it is going to be months from now and I am sure that after whatever they have planned for chemo, this will seem like a walk in the park. The greatest tragedy of the day though was the nurse thought the MK on my beloved Michael Kors purse stood for Mary Kay! Yeah, my pink caddie is parked just outside :-).


  1. Kat--your humor never ceases to amaze me...Little Robbie wants to purchase "Two cream sachets" from the MK representative. The whole SFK family loves you and are fiercely proud of your will and determination.

  2. Hey Kathleen,

    Couldn't agree more with Janice - your humour and attitude is so inspiring. Trudi and I are thinking of you, and I'm very glad that it sounds like you have a Radiation Oncologist who's both nice and highly recommended by your friend Paula.

  3. The horror of it all...mistaking Marc Jacobs for Mary is a tragedy in its own right! Take care, Kathleen, and keep us posted.

  4. Hey m'lady!
    Was forwarded your link from a 'mutual friend' of ours :)

    Want you to know you're in our thoughts and if you ever want/need anything - do not hesitate.