Friday, February 6, 2009

no news yet

I had my appointment with the surgeon this morning, but unfortunately the pathology report isn't in yet so we have to wait a little longer. He is going to give me a call at home when it arrives, so hopefully just a few more days. On the positive side though, he was admiring his work and is pleased with how things are looking ;-). I just have to mention that he is quite the close talker... Suzanne and I had a laugh about it after when she took me for some retail therapy at Mic Mac Mall. I am going to have to figure out how to three way call her in when he calls!


  1. Your sense of humour, and grace under pressure, is inspiring, Kat.
    We are reading your updates faithfully.

  2. I am just glad he didn't walk in when we were stuffing our mouths with Werther's caramels. Just sayin'.

  3. They were a little chewy and could have seriously interfered with the close talking!

  4. You and Suzanne are too funny; you should get a spot on "Comedy Now!" I forgot how Jeff gets up in your face when he talks. Step back, Doc!
    Seriously though, Kathleen, you are an inspiration to one and all. Thank you for sharing your updates. We are all cheering you on!!