Monday, April 20, 2009

alternative uses

So you know how you sometimes use things for other purposes than they were originally intended? Well I have a good one for anyone losing their hair! Unfortunately the hair doesn't just fall off your head all at once. It lets go and then waits for something to dislodge it, prolonging the process. So I have found a new use for my rolling lint brush. Rolling it over my head takes off the hair that is ready to go. It makes cleaning the shower much easier! I am off to round two of chemo tomorrow and am hoping for a slightly better experience this time. They are adjusting the nausea medication and steroids to hopefully better control the side effects. Fingers crossed!!


  1. Kat,

    You must have been a stand-up comedianne at one point. Come on now, give it up....really ...your humor is UNBELIEVABLE.

    Love you lemondrop,


  2. Janice is right. Your humor is amazing and so are YOU, Kathleen!! I hope Round 2 will have less side effects.

    Take care,