Friday, May 8, 2009

for kicks

Paula called the other day to check in and told me she used the lint roller on her head too! This was just too good...the makers of this product really should know how great it is, beyond what they make it for. I certainly always appreciated receiving positive messages from the public on something I worked on, so I figured why wouldn't they? So I emailed 3M the other day and checked off "no reply required" but to my surprise I received a message back today thanking me for sharing my experience and indicating that they would share my story with the marketers and technical engineers of the lint roller product. Hopefully they get a smile out of the story...and if you see the lint rollers repackaged as a hair removal kit, you'll know who gave them the idea!


  1. Only you would try and help 3M in this way. Mind boggling as usual, Kat!

  2. Social media does work
    I keep telling them that:)
    Trust your doing well.
    Quick question?
    What was the company and the quote for that cancer docementary we talked about? Who could I contact? I am thinking road trip:))


  3. Steve - did the funding come through? It is actually my girlfriend Janice! I'll send you an email and you can fill me in.