Monday, January 12, 2009

To cut or not to cut?

Today we met with Margaret, Dr. Porter's Coordinator, to get the full run through on the surgery. I am scheduled in the OR for 12:45 on Jan 20th. The surgery will take a couple hours and then I will spend time in recovery. If it all goes smoothly, I should be home for around 5:30. Everything is getting more and more real... Margaret gave me a contact name for a wig maker and apparently the trick is to go in before you lose the hair so they can match it. I wasn't going to bother getting my hair done anymore just to have it all fall out, but maybe I will need to rethink that so they can give me a wig to match my hair at it's best. Maybe a little blonder too :-) I am not sure that I really want a wig but who knows what this head will look like bald!!


  1. Hey Kathleen,
    I think you should meet with the wig maker and see what they have to say. Certainly it won't be something you will want to wear every day but it might be nice to have the option? Also, it probably won't cost you anything. Most benefit plans cover wigs.

  2. Don't forget we can focus on your beautiful smile and not your blond locks.