Tuesday, October 6, 2009

almost there

I had my last full radiation treatment yesterday and start the final "boost" treatments today so am in the home stretch. I am definitely feeling the effects now with fatigue and my skin is really burnt in spots. In a couple weeks the skin should heal so it shouldn't be bad for too long. I have to "air it out" as much as possible so I suggest no unannounced visits!

I made it to the Run for the Cure on Sunday to cheer on my friends that participated. I hadn't been to one before and was shocked at the number of people there. Kimberly and I were at the finish line to greet our friends when they crossed and it was very touching to see my name on their shirts. I am such a lucky gal.

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  1. Congrats Kathleen - so glad to hear you're in the final stretch. I was wondering if you would be at the run and kept my eye out for you but didn't see you. We usually walk it but the girls were both sick so I ran in your honor and thought about you the whole time. Your approach to this whole situation has been an inspiration and I'm so glad you're kicking cancer in the butt. Lots of love from the Williams fam.