Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it is 5 o'clock somewhere

Wow is the summer ever passing by quickly, and I feel like it just started. I went on Friday for my "simulation" appointment for radiation where they determine the position I will be in to receive the treatment. To make sure they get me in the same place every time they "marked" me with four tattoo dots to line me up with. What a nice memento. Overall the appointment wasn't too bad. Though I wonder why they need to keep a room where the girls are going to be on display for a half hour so cold...if you know what I mean. Also the technician kept giving me the tattoos without warning! I wasn't allowed to move my head so I couldn't see what she was doing. I think it is common courtesy to let someone know when you are about to poke them with a needle. I was feeling a bit cranky by the end of it so when she showed surprise that I was bleeding when I got off the table I was quick to remind her that she had just finished STABBING ME!! Hello!!! Anyway, I was glad that was over. But they had a nice parting bit of information for me. They are going to zap me in two positions, the first 25 in one and the last 5 in another, so I have to go back to be marked a second time at some point during treatment. Nice.

Tomorrow is a milestone day. I go for surgery to have the port that the chemotherapy was injected into removed! Dr. Porter, the surgeon who removed my tumour, is doing it and I am looking forward to seeing him again. I don't think the surgery will be too bad. Can't be worse than it going in I figure.

The big news of today though is that my hair has started to grow back! It's kind of like a 5 o'clock shadow on top of my head. I am staring at it daily to try to see what colour it is going to be and to me it looks darkish, but we'll see. Very exciting!!

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